The Cat's Meow
Social trends are the bee's knees--acopacetic Real McCoy about swell fads and characteristics of The Jazz Age.


Angel trumpeters announcing the new shell of the Hollywood Bowl, 1929. (Huntington Library)


Miss. Blondell has a way about her that is fascinating because she can spout off the most obvious lines without making them the least bit obvious. It’s her knack- and a good one.

-Columnist, Jimmy Starr on Joan Blondell


This young woman looks up “Egyptian Sun God” in the world’s smallest crossword puzzle dictionary, strapped to her wrist.  (From This Fabulous Century—1920-1930, scanned by weirdvintage)


Original poster for the 1928 play The Threepenny Opera, composed by Brecht/Weill.


Swastika costumes before the Nazis - American children celebrating Halloween, 1918.  The swastika here was probably a good luck symbol; it wasn’t used by the Nazis until a few years later. Especially weird that it’s part of a witches’ costume, and I would love to know why.


Dempsey vs Houdini


Helen Wills-Betty Nuthall match at the West Side Tennis Club in Forest Hills, New York (undated)

(digging rudolph valentino’s sideburns)


Rudolph Valentino breaks the fourth wall—and my heart. From a humorous short subject, “The Sheik’s Physique.”


Rules Are Not Straightjackets, Nor Are They Dinner Jackets.

Rudolph Valentino.